DKY Moving and Delivery

                                           Transportation  and Logistics Company

Suite 215, 12520 Prosperity Drive, Silver Spring, MD. 20904. US

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Our Services

DKY Logistics is a transportation services company that caters for shipping services for customers who require their packages and freight to get to their destination faster and successfully. 
Be it across the country or anywhere around the world we take care of every delivery needs without stress. DKY is your trusted expert for professional moves delivering service with a unique touch.
We’re working closely with customers to look at their entire supply chains, from point of origin to the end-consumer, to identify the opportunities.
DKY Logistics carry out a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation. There’s always a knowledgeable, experienced employee available to answer your questions.
We understand that the shipping industry in US is competitive, and we have carried out our assignment to provide you competitive pricing that comes with excellent and unique customer service.
Our services includes:
On Demand
Routed Deliveries 
Dedicated Fleet Services 
On-Site Dispatch